Engineered Systems


Engineered Systems

In response to the demand for more and better quality water, Cooper City, Florida upgraded its existing water treatment plant and installed an advanced water treatment process called Nanofiltration. The new system, supplied by Xylem’s Water Equipment Technologies, utilizes nanofiltration membranes which operate at low pressure and produce a high quality drinking water.
The principal purpose of the plant was to make use of highly colored ground water. The nanofiltration process removes the color and the 3ppm of iron contained in the ground water which was otherwise deemed unusable.

Location: Cooper City, FL
Application: Drinking Water
Start up date: May, 1998
Capacity: 3 MGD

Operating Data
TDS: 700 mg/L
Color: 80 APHA
Iron: 3 mg/L

TDS: ~50 mg/L
Color: BDL
Iron: BDL
Feed Pressure: 100 PSI
Recovery: 85%